Types of products Plating metal MaterialPlating specification Specification
Base metal Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Plating thickness
Hoop Bar Nickel Plating Copper Alloy/Overall Nickel Copper Alloy 0.4`2.20 33.0`150.0 It is based on customer specification.
Copper Alloy/Stripe Nickel
Copper Alloy/Inverted Stripe
(Ni-P alloy is also available.)
Copper Alloy 0.15`2.00 26.2`120.0 the above -- the same
Silver Plating 42 Alloy/Stripe Silver 42 Alloy 0.1`0.25 23.5`65.0 the above -- the same
Copper Alloy/Stripe Silver Copper Alloy 0.1`2.20 21.0`120.0 the above -- the same
Copper Alloy/Base Overall Nickel/Stripe Silver
Copper Alloy/Stripe Nickel/Stripe Silver
Copper Alloy/Base Nickel/Stripe Silver
Copper Plating 42 Alloy/Overall Copper 42 Alloy 0.08`0.15 28.0`71.0 the above -- the same
Reel to Reel Silver Plating 42 Alloy/Overall Silver 42 Alloy 0.1`0.25 15.5`50.0 the above -- the same
Copper Alloy/Overall Silver Copper Alloy 0.125`0.30 15.5`50.0 the above -- the same
Palladium Plating Copper Alloy/Overall Three-layer (nickel/palladium/gold) Copper Alloy 0.11`0.40 15.5`80.0 the above -- the same
Copper Alloy/(nickel/palladium/gold)
Overall Three-layer/Spot Silver
Copper Alloy 0.15`0.30 40.0`49.0 the above -- the same
Lead Frame Silver Plating 42 Alloy/Spot Silver 42 Alloy 0.15`0.25 20.0`45.0 the above -- the same
Copper Alloy/Spot Silver Copper Alloy 0.15`0.75 20.0`68.5 the above -- the same
Copper Foil   Example : Copper Alloy/(nickel/palladium/gold)
Overall Three-layer (or one face)
* Other plating than the palladium plating is also available. Please contact us.
Copper Alloy 6.0ƒĘmˆČă 15.5`80.0 the above -- the same